About Aqua-Terra-Vita

Aqua-Terra-Vita, like the scientific names of all living creatures, comes from ancient Latin which translates to "Water-Land-Life". I am an exotic animal enthusiast with over 40 years experience in the husbandry and captive breeding of rare and exotic aquarium and terrarium animals from around the world. Some of the animals I work with are ones you seldom see offered for sale. I enjoy the challenge of being able to maintain and breed some of the world's most amazing creatures - creatures whose beauty and survival tactics make them "living jewels" for you to behold.
As I learn to keep and breed a particular animal, I share that knowledge with you via my care sheets so that when you get an animal from me you have the important information you need to successfully keep and/or breed that animal in your environment. All of the animals I have for sale are captive bred by me and do not reduce or threaten animal populations in the wild. Unlike wild-caught animals, the animals I have for sale are disease and parasite free and are fully acclimated to life in captivity.
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