Aqua-Terra-Vita Products

**NEW  TerragieneTM Dry Substrate Conditioner

Aqua-Terra-Vita is pleased to introduce a revolutionary new patent pending product to the terrarium hobby called TerragieneTM dry substrate conditioner.

TerragieneTM dry substrate conditioner is a substrate additive that fights harmful microorganisms and helps eliminate foul odors in dry terrarium substrates. TerragieneTM dry substrate conditioner can be mixed with dry terrarium substrates like coco fiber, peat, sand and wood chips/shavings, which are commonly used with animals such as Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Leopard Geckos, Monitors and Uromastyx.

TerragieneTM dry substrate conditioner contains all natural, edible ingredients, which are harmless if ingested by your terrarium animals. TerragieneTM dry substrate conditioner comes in a variety of fragrances like "Spicy Cinnamon", "Spicy Clove" and "Herbal Bouquet".

**NEW  All Natural Coconut Huts

Aqua-Terra-Vita Coconut Hut
Juvenile Saharan Uromastyx basking on top of an Aqua-Terra-Vita Coconut Hut
Animals are more healthy and stress free when they feel secure. Providing your animals with a safe, all natural Coconut Hut from Aqua-Terra-Vita is a great way to add security to any aquarium or terrarium environment.

Whether your animals use a Coconut Hut as a permanent shelter, a sleeping compartment, a temporary refuge or a breeding site, you can be sure your animals are getting the security they need in a safe, natural setting with a Coconut Hut from Aqua-Terra-Vita.

Aqua-Terra-Vita Coconut Hut
Dying Dart Frogs entering an Aqua-Terra-Vita Coconut Hut to lay eggs.
Aqua-Terra-Vita Coconut Hut
Electric Blue Dragon Crayfish brooding embryos inside an Aqua-Terra-Vita Coconut Hut.
**Aqua-Terra-Vita Coconut Huts are completely safe for both aquarium and terrarium use, and they make ideal homes for crayfish, frogs, lizards, snakes, spiders, scorpions, tropical fish and other small aquarium and terrarium animals.