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USARK & Reptile Nation Save 5 of 9 species from FWS Constrictor Rule!
January 17, 2012

This morning a joint press conference was held by Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, Interior Dept Director, Ken Salazar; and US Fish & Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe at Everglades National Park (ENP) to make an Everglades conservation and preservation announcement. It was made public that a final rule would be enacted by FWSpotentially restricting trade in 9 constricting snakes. Although there had been no word from FWS or White House oversight officials prior to the press conference, Andrew Wyatt CEO USARK, learned of a“rumor” on the “HILL” that there would be an announcement regarding the Constrictor Listing; a listing of 9 constricting snakes to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act. This is an action that could destroy $104 million per year in small business while potentially making more than 1 million Americans into Lacey Act felons. This action has now come to pass; albeit in amore limited fashion than was pushed by FWS and the powerful environmental and animal rights lobby.

As of now the Constrictor Rule, when enacted, will BAN the IMPORT and INTERSTATE TRANSPORT of the following 4 species: Burmese python, Northern African python, Southern African python and yellow anaconda.

USARK will be making further announcements regarding potential legal remedy to the flagrant disregard for “science”, due process, or information quality standards by FWS and the Obama Administration. This is a clear example of policy being based on staff preference combined with political considerations, rather than clear science and due process. The FWS failed at every level to make a solid case for justifying a Lacey Act listing. How the White House can justify thistrain wreck of a rule to pass is a mystery. In the opinion of USARK the actions of FWS are arbitrary, capricious and unlawful. That is not a charge that is unfamiliar to FWS. In 2010 FWS scientistswere found guilty of falsifying information to manufacture science to support a rule on the Delta Smelt in the Central Valley of California. FWS was found guilty of being “arbitrary, capriciousand unlawful" in their effort to add the controversial fish to the Endangered Species Act. USARK will pursue available legal remedy.
posted on Tuesday January 17, 2012 at 11:41am by Web@aqua-terra-vita
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If you are a U.S. citizen, please TAKE ACTION to help stop the "Constrictor Rule", which would ban the U.S. import, export and interstate transport of nine constricting snakes: the Burmese python, Northern & Southern African pythons, Reticulated python, all four Anacondas, and the Boa constrictor.

posted on Thursday January 5, 2012 at 12:57am by Web@aqua-terra-vita
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To keep Canadian aquarium and terrarium animal enthusiasts informed of legislation that affects their hobby, Aqua-Terra-Vita has created the Canadian Aquarium and Terrarium Animal Legislation (CATAL) website.

If you live in Canada and support the keeping of aquarium and terrarium animals as pets, please become a member of


and visit the

CATAL website

and sign the "Keeping Amphibians and Reptiles as Pets Petition".
posted on Sunday April 4, 2010 at 07:32pm by Web@aqua-terra-vita
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