ATVIIR: Environmental Temperature Controller (ETC) Poller

This project involves the construction and programming of an internet-based environmental temperature control system. The hardware consists of a printed circuit board (PCB) that has the ability to read and transmit temperatures from a remote temperature probe to an internet-based application via a serial port connection. The PCB also contains a 15 amp / 120 volt relay that can be opened or closed remotely through a series of computer controlled commands. The benefits of this application are three fold:

1. A log file (below right) allows the user to view and control temperature fluctuations in a remote area, e.g. the inside of an incubator or temperature controlled room, over a given period of time, from an internet connection.

2. The application allows the user to program temperature changes, in a remote area, to match values stored in a data file or retrieved from a data feed. This capability, for example, will allow the user to maintain a constant temperature, or to artifically simulate daily, or seasonal, warming and cooling, or to match temperatures from a data feed.

3. The application has the ability to warn the user of temperature fluctuations that are outside of a given range via a local warning sound, cellular text message, e-mail, etc.
Environmental Temperature Controller
Pictured above is a prototype Aqua-Terra-Vita Environmental Temperature Controller (ATV ETC), which is being tested for accuracy by placing the unit's probe into a slurry of ice and water. The display is reading 0.05oC.
Temperature Log File:
The log on the left is displaying the temperature inside my incubator, which contains "Aru" Green Tree Python Eggs. The incubation temperature is controlled by a Herpstat ND proportional thermostat from Spyder Robotics.

The first log line shows the minimum temperature over the past 2,880 minutes to the left and the maximum temperature over the past 2,880 minutes to the right. The variance between the minimum temperature and the maximum temperature is in the middle. The middle of the second log line shows the ideal temperature range and the percent of time the incubator is within the ideal range, while to the left and right is the number of minutes below range and above range, respectively.