Aqua-Terra-Vita Internet Information Resources (ATVIIR)

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ATVIIR: ATARAR is an animal risk assessment and regulation record keeping tool allowing aquarium and terrarium enthusiasts to view and post comments on any aquarium or terrarium animal risk assessment or regulation.

ATVIIR: Ball Python Breeder

ATVIIR: Ball Python Breeder

ATVIIR: Ball Python Breeder is an educational, challenging, and competitive simulation game whose object is to make money (Ball Python Dollars) by raising, breeding, and selling Ball Pythons to other Ball Python Breeder Members.


ATVIIR: Blogger

ATVIIR: BloggerTM is a web-based application which enables ATVIIR members to incorporate a robust blog into their personal or business websites with a single line of HTML code. ATVIIR: BloggerTM gives the blog owner the ability to post and categorize blog entries while allowing visitors and other ATVIIR members to leave comments on any blog entry. ATVIIR: BloggerTM entries are parsed by the ATVIIR: Post Parser function enabling the easy inclusion of emoticons, Google maps, photos, price lists, quotes, text, videos and web-links into any blog entry.



ATVIIR: CATAL keeps Canadian Aquarium and Terrarium Animal Enthusiasts informed of current and pending legislation that affects their freedom to keep the animals they care about and to oppose legislation that is contrary to their beliefs.


ATVIIR: Contact

ATVIIR: ContactTM is a web-based application which enables ATVIIR members to incorporate a contact form into their personal or business websites with a single line of HTML code.

ATVIIR: ETC Server / Poller

ATVIIR: Environmental Temperature Controller (ETC Server)

ATVIIR: Environmental Temperature Controller (ETC Poller)

This project involves the construction and programming of an internet-based environmental temperature control system. The hardware consists of a printed circuit board (PCB) that has the ability to read and transmit temperatures from a remote temperature probe to an internet-based application via a serial port connection. The PCB also contains a 15 amp / 120 volt relay that can be opened or closed remotely through a series of computer controlled commands.

ATVIIR: Forums

ATVIIR: Forums

ATVIIR: Forums is a full-featured, state-of-the-art social networking forum application, which facilitates the exchange of contacts, ideas, information, and products among aquarium and terrarium enthusiasts. Easy to use and packed with features, ATVIIR: Forums are for today's aquarium and terrarium enthusiasts.

ATVIIR: Galleries onLineTM

ATVIIR: Galleries onLine

ATVIIR: Galleries onLineTM is an Image Editing / Hosting Service for aquarium and terrarium related multimedia. ATVIIR: Galleries onLineTM serves as a repository for all images displayed by ATVIIR applications and is the engine which powers the following four applications: ATVIIR: Life onLineTM, ATVIIR: Breeding onLineTM, ATVIIR: Availability onLineTM, and ATVIIR: Ball Python Breeder.

ATVIIR: Galleries onLineTM - Life onLineTM

ATVIIR: Life onLine

Would you like an easy way to record and track the growth of your aquarium and terrarium animals? ATVIIR: Life onLineTM lets you easily record every detail of your animal's life in words, pictures, and video.

ATVIIR: Galleries onLineTM - Breeding onLineTM

ATVIIR: Breeding onLine

If you breed aquarium or terrarium animals then ATVIIR: Breeding onLineTM can assist you. Now you can easily record all of your animals genealogy with ATVIIR: Breeding onLineTM.

ATVIIR: Galleries onLineTM - Availability onLineTM

ATVIIR: Availability onLine

Creating an availability / price list has never been easier! Simply add a price to any ATVIIR: Galleries onLineTM image and it will appear on the ATVIIR: Availability onLineTM Price List.


ATVIIR: Mailing List Manager (MLM)

ATVIIR: Mailing List Manager (MLM) manages a queue of mail, generated by ATVIIR applications, in compliance with Internet Service Provider (ISP) guidelines for sending mail using their mail servers.

ATVIIR: My Business ()

ATVIIR: My Business ()

ATVIIR: My Business () helps aquarium / terrarium enthusiasts and small aquarium / terrarium related businesses manage their inventory, price lists, purchase orders, customer receipts and sales reports.

ATVIIR: Webpage Portal

ATVIIR: Webpage Portal

Why spend your time searching the internet for aquarium and terrarium websites when they can be delivered to you? ATVIIR: Webpage Portal has over 85,000 website categories which can all be accessed within a few mouse clicks.